5 Productive Websites I’d Love To Share

Everybody in this world wants to be productive. I admit that I have been selfish with the websites I always visit because I have been once told that some things in life are not meant to be shared if you want to be ahead but I do not care about being ahead anymore, I just want to live life in peace and be contented. Now, I have finally decided to share because I want to help people and this way people would be more productive. So here are the following websites:

  1. Zenhabits – This website has taught me a lot especially with routines, habit-making, saving money, life hacks, and life lessons. What I love the most is the simplicity of the website. Also, this website is free, no subscriptions needed.
  2. Lifehack – I also love this website because of the vast content posted by different people. Most contents that are posted in here are about communications, motivations, relationships, lifestyle, psychology, productivity, technology, and work. However, I sometimes get headache because I overload myself by reading a lot of posted articles and content. This website is also free but if you have an ‘adblocker’ like I do; you need to pause it to support this wonderful website. This website has premium articles that requires payment.
  3. Emma’s Studyblr – As a university student, I love Emma’s studyblr because of her free printables. If you have unlimited access to printer or if you are the kind of person who wants hardcopy like notebooks, Emma’s studyblr is perfect. I have printed Emma’s university pack printables and they helped me get organized and helped me plan for my semester. The printables are usually monthly calendars, daily-weekly planners, monthly habit tracker, semester overview templates, and more. Another thing I like about her blog is she engages with people and answers questions right away with regards to studying or anything related to university life.
  4. Lynda – This website comes from LinkedIn. As a university student, you may or may not have a free access to this website; If you do not have free access, you will be required to pay but paying for this one is not a waste but an investment of vast knowledge. It is indeed WORTH IT. I love this website because when you finish a course you get certified certificates that you can showcase to your LinkedIn profile. This can make you look more employable. Lynda offers so many courses from 3D Animation, business, marketing, photography, and to many more. I would highly recommend this website.
  5. Pinterest – I love this website because it is free and I love pinning things on a board and this is a virtual one. You could explore Pinterest with any categories you would like from health, fashion, gym habit, and to many more. Just go ahead and try searching from a-z and you will never run out of ideas, things to do, things to write, wish lists, infographics, life hacks, love life tips, recipes, quotes, and many more!

These websites are really helpful. If you are bored just visit these and you’ll have dozens of ideas on what to do. However, do not overload yourself with information. One does not simply remember all the things read. Overall, Good luck!