Hi, I am Marianne. I am a Filipino. I am currently studying Bachelor of Business (Management) as an International Student in Australia. I live a principle-based and faith-based lifestyle, I am who I am today because of these lifestyles. I have started blogging since 2010 out of a hobby. I generally blog about the following categories:

  • Faith & Principles
  • Personal
  • Photography
  • Guests Posts
  • Life Tips
  • Recommendations
  • Lists
  • Opinions

Personal: This category will be about my own little space. I will share my flawed poetries, artworks, experiences, and discoveries. This space would simply be ‘getting to know me better’.

  • Faith & Principles: I am a born again Christian and I believe Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day so that I may live and I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and will continue to live by faith and not by sight and enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit. What I have is not religion but a personal relationship with Jesus. This category will be about testimonies, sufferings, imperfections, forgiveness, and anything related to what I believed in. I live life based on principles too; I have learned those principles on the books I have read and applied and by upbringing.
  • Lists: This category would somehow be about me as well because I am an obsessed list lover. I love writing down lists about dresses I would buy, list of books to read, etc.
  • Travels: This category would be my travel diary and I will share my journey with all of you.

Photography: This category will be about photography. All photos shared  in this category are mine and I will be putting captions as reflections or stories to it as well. #staremoments

Guest Posts: This category will be about featured posts from friends and submissions that I would love.

Life Advice: This category will be about life advices and tips. The advices and tips I will be sharing will be referenced or credited if outsourced unless will be based on my first-hand experiences.

Reviews: This category will be about reviews, commentaries, and critiquing. This would probably be about movies, music, restaurant, places I went to, and more.

Opinions: This category would be about my ‘own’ opinions. I would share my opinions about politics, case studies, news, and any trends.

All content posted is related to my life and to the things I love and like; all content I post is written and edited by me unless stated or accredited otherwise.

P.S This blog is not academic and formal. This is only a hobby and my way of having a conversation with the world.


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