World of Marianne

Hi, I’m Marianne and I’m an international student in Australia taking a program in Bachelor of Business (Management). I’m a proud filipino with some love for blogging. I have been blogging since 2010 and I have not stopped. I have lived my life based on my faith and principles that had helped my life which I would love to share. Here are the following categories i have loved to talk about and share:

  • Arts
  • Travel
  • Reviews
  • Wisdom

  1. Arts – I love talking about anything with a touch of art specially when it comes to poetries, music, photography, and fashion.
  2. Travel – Learn some travel tips from my very own travel journey.
  3. Reviews – I have always had a critic side and I have always loved being a first-hand critic.
  4. Wisdom – Words of wisdom I have gathered and applied in my life that I am willing to share to help people.


Note: All content posted would mostly be related to my life and to the things I love and like; all content I post is written and edited by me unless stated or accredited otherwise.

P.S This blog is not academic nor formal. This is only a hobby and my way of having a conversation to the world.


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