Hi, I am Marianne. I am a Filipino. I am currently studying Bachelor of Business (Management) as an International Student in Australia. I live a principle-based and faith-based lifestyle, I am who I am today because of these lifestyles. I have started blogging since 2010 out of a hobby. I generally blog about the following categories:

  • Personal
  • Poetry
  • Inspirational
  • Productivity
  • Reviews
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationships

Personal: This category will be about my own little space. I will share my own likes and dislikes. This space would simply be ‘getting to know me better’.

Poetry: This category will be about poetries I make or would like to share from friends who would contribute to this blog.

Inspirational: This category would be about encouragements and would be full of life advices that would be based on faith, principles, and experiences.

Productivity: This category would be full of life tips and hacks, helpful resources, that  would probably help everyone in their studies and career.

Reviews: This category will be about reviews, commentaries, and critiquing. This would probably be about movies, music, restaurant, places I went to, and more. All my reviews would be based on my own preference.

Lifestyle: This category would be about on stories of experiences, way of life, advocacy, and movements

Relationships: This category would contain theories on how relationship would work, relationship stories, lessons in relationship, and relationship advices as well.


All content posted would mostly be related to my life and to the things I love and like; all content I post is written and edited by me unless stated or accredited otherwise.

P.S This blog is not academic nor formal. This is only a hobby and my way of having a conversation with the world.


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