Listen to this Great Mix

Everybody deserves a moment to relax, like me. Exhaustion is good from time to time just to keep the body moving and to keep the blood in our body circulate but I love listening to chill and relaxing mixes. I just want to share this resource to everybody and it is good, I promise you.

The Tracks:

00:00 Idle Mind – Touch 03:20 KISNOU – Vesper 05:52 Sibewest – Winter Memories 10:03 Emiliano Secchi – Memory Fragments 13:25 Bloom – Efflorescence 17:16 The Last Fox – Penumbra 21:10 Emiliano Secchi – Alone 25:22 Iamjoffrey & Tim Schaufert – All of Me (feat. CASHFORGOLD) 28:52 Illusory Scapes – Nostalgic Memories 33:15 Grandyzer – Lifeblood 38:50 Airthrive & Menual – Iridescent 44:00 Insomnia – New Dawn 47:48 Killi J – Solitude 51:57 Youth Craving X Arken – For The One (ft. Calum Venice) 54:42 Jellis x Subsets – Still Mine


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