The Discovery 2017 (Movie Review)

Rating this movie: 8/10

Warning: Mini spoilers

Recommended to: People who like sci-fi films, weird, intellectual, and boring movies.

  • Great concept
  • Underrated
  • Mind Blowing
  • Sad

This movie was starred Robert Redford known as Thomas, who is a scientist and a father who discovered and proved the existence of the afterlife and has caused millions of suicide due to his great discovery. His son, which is played by Jason Segel known as Will, is not entirely convinced with the discovery because he believes that proof should be absolute and established. The film was also starred by Rooney Mara known as Isla, she was one of the people who contemplates suicides due to the overwhelming proof of the discovery and wants to find an escape in life but was found and saved by Will on attempt to suicide and from there the journey goes on.

The movie has a great idea and concept. The statement that made me watch this film is “The proof of an afterlife exists”. Most people think of heaven and earth but this one is different. I wanted to see it so bad! It was such a great concept I just yearned for it! – That’s how excited I am about the movie. When I finished watching it, It totally blew my mind away but after a few hours I kind of just ended up saying “Meh, okay, thats great, hmm not so great”; But then, after a day I watched the film again and appreciated the film and realised that I was the problem because I expected so much of the film. So I would still say that it is a good movie and better than other sci-fi films.

The points why I liked this movie was probably the build-up in the first scene wherein something shocking happened (trying not to spoil so much). I also like contemplating about life and death because it is such a curious thing to think of and have been always fascinated on that topic. The drama is somewhat realistic or at least the filmmakers are trying to make the film still believable. The actors and actresses did well especially Rooney Mara and Robert Redford. Watching the film gave me more empathy for Rooney Mara’s character and I just wanted to punch Robert Redford due to his heartless character in the film. I also think that what I mostly liked about this film is, it made me think and I think the cinematic drama effect helped a lot with the film.

The points why I felt like the movie was “Meh, not so great”. Some parts of the film reminded me of Flatliners and when you watch it you’ll know why, it made me realise that maybe the film wasn’t as orginal as it might seem. Uhm, Jason Segel’s performance was just honestly boring – quite a sleeper. The end was somehow sentimental and quite sugary due to the romance between Rooney Mara and Jason Segel but justifies the concept i guess.

To wrap up everything – it is still worth the watch for such a great concept and still better than other sci-fi movies.