8 Reasons Why New Girl is One of Best TV Shows Ever

“It’s a weird life, but it’s where I’m at right now” – Nick

“We are literally the most embarrassing people on the planet” – Jess

We all have that TV shows that we can relate to or actually want to relate to, well mine is definitely New Girl. New Girl is about a teacher, Jessica Day starring Zooey Deschanel, who had a harsh and embarrassing heartbreak due to witnessing her boyfriend with another woman so she left him immediately to live to another place. She answer an ad on craigslist looking for a new roommate who she taught were women but turned out to be three men – Nick, Schmidt, and Coach. She got qualified to move in with them just because her best friend is a fashion model which were they keen to score to. The series follows a roller coaster of their relationships, friendships, social status, and careers. The series made me laugh, cry, mad, and you know a roller coaster of emotions. Now, answering the question – why is new girl one of the best TV shows ever?

Warning: Spoilers

Douchebag Jar

douchebag jar

The iconic douchebag jar is one of the funniest part of the TV show. Every douchebag act, the punishment would be putting money in the Jar. Most of the douchebag acts are mostly from Schmidt especially when he says some hilarious adult content. Click here to find out Schmidt’s Douchebag Jar Lines



Schmidt is personally my favourite character in the show. He grew up as a fat kid and boosted his self-esteem by making himself handsome. He’s somehow pervy but nerdy, awkward, and hilarious instead of being creepy. He tries to be cool but end up looking like a dumb ass which is funny. Even though he has such a weird personality he still has a big heart and stays true as a person and stays true as a friend. Click here for Schmidt’s best moments

True American (Drinking Game)

true american drinking game

True American is a drinking game invented by Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. I haven’t done this game myself but every time I watch this game in New Girl, I always wish I could do this with my friends despite our busy lives. This is one of my favourite moments in New Girl. Click for True American New Girl Scenes and Click here for True American Mechanics



Ferguson is one of my beloved pet TV shows. He’s such a sweet little cutie. Ferguson and Winston’s relationship throughout the TV show is one of the most amazing relationship in the TV series. However, Ferguson died in the last season which was devastating and I did not see it coming. Click here for Ferguson’s date with Winston.

Prank Sinatra

prank sinatra

Knowing Winston throughout the series, his pranks were either too small or too big but despite how grand or small his pranks were, I love his attitude towards his pranks. He is really funny when it comes to pranking. His prank on the last season and episode was probably the best and the funniest. Click here for Winston’s Pranks


tran new girl

Tran is Nick’s angel. Tran is silent and he also seems like a mute until the last season, where he spoke, and probably got everybody stunned. He helped Nick’s anger issues which is amazing because Tran has not even uttered a word throughout Nick’s issues. Tran is a gem on this TV series. Click here for Tran’s words of wisdom

PRINCE is Magic

prince is magic

This is probably one of the amazing episode when Prince guest-starred in New Girl. But first, RIP to our beloved iconic Prince. Prince starred as literal magic between Nick and Jess to ignite their relationship. Click here for Prince’s Iconic Scene in New Girl

Friends to the end

friends to the end

I think this is the reason why I love this show so much is because of their friendship. They were all struggling in their 30s yet they all end up being successful because they were always there for each other no matter what. I could relate to the show regarding friendships and how they cope to society which is all around hilarious. So I highly recommend this TV Series to everyone!