I finally found that being intimate with God is reliable, trustworthy, and I can finally say in this faith I won’t be betrayed. For God is not a liar. I tell him everything, my plans, my pain, my love, my memories, my faith, my hunger, my thirst, and my hopes. It’s beautiful. His in the secret place in my heart with his secret words that lead me to life thats everlasting.

I learnt that everyone and everything is unreliable, yes YOU and even myself, we will always disappoint; life is built to crush us, make us cold, and make us hard then we put up huge walls and barricade us from the pain because we trust the wrong people and things or we trust ourselves and we fall and fail. we trust people and money, we run the race so we could be rich and reach that state of bliss or run the race so we could find love but we end up going to the wrong places when looking for it.

Ask the creator why?

Seek the one who created you. Read and listen with all your heart

Keep knocking with desperation

This is a matter of life.