The Discovery 2017 (Movie Review)

Rating this movie: 8/10 Warning: Mini spoilers Recommended to: People who like sci-fi films, weird, intellectual, and boring movies. Great concept Underrated Mind Blowing Sad This movie was starred Robert Redford known as Thomas, who is a scientist and a father who discovered and proved the existence of the afterlife and has caused millions of suicide due to his great discovery. His son, which is … Continue reading The Discovery 2017 (Movie Review)

Frequencies 2013 (Movie Review)

Rating this movie: 9/10 Recommending to: people who like trivial and odd movies like me. Odd Trivial Unique Boring (In a good way) Frequencies is a science, romantic, fiction, and somewhat a fantasy film. This movie is about a world of people where they emit frequency and would identify there score or ranking on how lucky they are. Their luck (score) would also be a … Continue reading Frequencies 2013 (Movie Review)

Her 2013 (Movie Review)

Rating this movie: 9.8/10 Recommending this movie to: University students, Artists, Indie movie lovers, Dystopian story lovers, Futuristic setting lovers, Aspiring film makers, and For people who wants weird movies like me. Original Witty Great music Heartbreaking Captivating This movie was recommended by a friend of mine, we usually have the same taste when it comes to artistry. The movie was mainly starred by Joaquin … Continue reading Her 2013 (Movie Review)

Switched at Birth (TV Series Review)

I rate this TV series: 4 stars / 5 stars I highly recommend this TV series for parents, daughters, and sons. Heartwarming Funny Educational Controversial Building Relationship I discovered switched at birth when I was in freshman and I must say that this is one of the TV series I was hooked on because of the rarity of the story. The story revolve around two … Continue reading Switched at Birth (TV Series Review)