Sinking deep

I am sinking I may have lost my way
My tears have turned into a lake
I am just holding my own breath
I own a mind that tricks and plays
Wondering if when will the race end
I truly have nobody but myself
since people i love are oceans away
I have seen a lot of change
like the seasons, weather, and days
I have also seen things the same
like the red will stay red
Looking at it might seem nonsense
However there’s something in a way
that i could totally relate
My eyes are beginning to water again
lost in my existence I would say
If my love ones are present
they would just snatch me away
and they’ll make sure I’m safe
I might be just over my head
I find it difficult to explain
But I can only express myself
I said I’d make my life better I swear
But here I am all over again
I am sinking deep, I only blame myself
I have chosen my life to go this way
I thought I have found an escape
turned out to be a way for me to hell
I need somebody with saving grace
favour my life with indulgence
For I am sinking deep, I only blame myself

~ M. Salonga


Tears Have Gone By

As the time runs by every night
my tears have already gone by
when the morning comes
and the sun starts to rise
you’ll then see my bright smile

If you understand my heart
I’m an expert in faking smiles
I’m sad most of the time
I’ve been brought down a million times
I’ll always stay fine but tired

Tap my own shoulder say it’s alright
but it is never alright
What an unforgiving life!
Little by little I’m going mad
I just hope to make it out alive

I would love to keep in touch
Maybe someone would listen to my mind
End up all together in the night
Together, we’ll cry out loud
And choose how we would all die

Here I am lying down
Shutting my eyes and heart
Listening to the lies of my mind
Having this mind I would drown
Anyway I just try to die

As the time runs by every night
my tears have already gone by
when the morning comes
and the sun starts to rise
you’ll then see my bright smile

If you understand my heart
I’m an expert in faking smiles
I’m sad most of the time
I’ve been brought down a million times
I’ll always stay fine but tired

~ M. Salonga

Beautiful Dream

I just want to fast track everything
where everything is a beautiful dream
I want to see myself flying free
and stop myself from asking and thinking
when will misery stop chasing me?
what if I start singing, dancing, or painting?
would my life be better off with these
I would love to end the following years
that does not look good for me
fast tracking everything where hardships
would probably not be haunting me
Too bad I can only see it by imagining it
I guess I could be more positive and believe
I could probably foresee the possibilities
The problem is wanting it immediately
Welcome to the frustrations of being me
so much to expect and believe
To die is gain indeed but so is living free
Here I am again, contemplating and reflecting
but that just how it is, so I say so be it
Just let life to keep on shaping me & molding me
into something precious like the amethyst
I just simply want to reach and achieve
that desire I have in me: beautiful dream

~ M. Salonga

Movie: The Discovery 2017 (Review)

Rating this movie: 8/10

Warning: Mini spoilers

Recommended to: People who like sci-fi films, weird, intellectual, and boring movies.

  • Great concept
  • Underrated
  • Mind Blowing
  • Sad

This movie was starred Robert Redford known as Thomas, who is a scientist and a father who discovered and proved the existence of the afterlife and has caused millions of suicide due to his great discovery. His son, which is played by Jason Segel known as Will, is not entirely convinced with the discovery because he believes that proof should be absolute and established. The film was also starred by Rooney Mara known as Isla, she was one of the people who contemplates suicides due to the overwhelming proof of the discovery and wants to find an escape in life but was found and saved by Will on attempt to suicide and from there the journey goes on.

The movie has a great idea and concept. The statement that made me watch this film is “The proof of an afterlife exists”. Most people think of heaven and earth but this one is different. I wanted to see it so bad! It was such a great concept I just yearned for it! – That’s how excited I am about the movie. When I finished watching it, It totally blew my mind away but after a few hours I kind of just ended up saying “Meh, okay, thats great, hmm not so great”; But then, after a day I watched the film again and appreciated the film and realised that I was the problem because I expected so much of the film. So I would still say that it is a good movie and better than other sci-fi films.

The points why I liked this movie was probably the build-up in the first scene wherein something shocking happened (trying not to spoil so much). I also like contemplating about life and death because it is such a curious thing to think of and have been always fascinated on that topic. The drama is somewhat realistic or at least the filmmakers are trying to make the film still believable. The actors and actresses did well especially Rooney Mara and Robert Redford. Watching the film gave me more empathy for Rooney Mara’s character and I just wanted to punch Robert Redford due to his heartless character in the film. I also think that what I mostly liked about this film is, it made me think and I think the cinematic drama effect helped a lot with the film.

The points why I felt like the movie was “Meh, not so great”. Some parts of the film reminded me of Flatliners and when you watch it you’ll know why, it made me realise that maybe the film wasn’t as orginal as it might seem. Uhm, Jason Segel’s performance was just honestly boring – quite a sleeper. The end was somehow sentimental and quite sugary due to the romance between Rooney Mara and Jason Segel but justifies the concept i guess.

To wrap up everything – it is still worth the watch for such a great concept and still better than other sci-fi movies.

I Am Going To Be Okay

I am going to be okay I say

My heart will beat over again

I can keep it together with all my best

Even when I think of running away

I’ve made mistakes like push people away

But I know some still loves me anyway

Like my father who is in heaven

Like my lover and my true friends

Although I am far away from them

I do cry at night to myself

I can’t help but think of an embrace

An embrace that can express

Expressions of gentleness, kindness

concern, and indulgence

It is not easy to be myself to fight myself

should I still keep my interests be existent?

or should I terminate my own existence?

they say it’s a blessing to have a brain

but being a thinker? it just drains me to death

Oh my dearest self, I tell myself

You’re going to be okay

Your heart will beat all over again

because you are a fighter

there’s still a lot to learn and face

a lot to experience, a lot to expect

a lot to appreciate and acknowledge

Just always remember to refresh

Continue to participate and be aware

and discover that kismet can also be kept

as long as love remains forever

~ M. Salonga






Movie: Frequencies 2013 (Review)

Rating this movie: 9/10

Recommending to: people who like trivial and odd movies like me.

  • Odd
  • Trivial
  • Unique
  • Boring (In a good way)

Frequencies is a science, romantic, fiction, and somewhat a fantasy film. This movie is about a world of people where they emit frequency and would identify there score or ranking on how lucky they are. Their luck (score) would also be a determinant of their future success. Higher ranking or score of luck would mean better luck but thus less feelings and Lower ranking would be the opposite and full of chaos.

This movie was starred by Daniel Fraser as Isaac-Newton “Zak” Midgeley and Eleanor Wyld as Marie-Curie Fortune. I know, there names came from famous scientists and inventors. Honestly, their names are the ones that attracted me to watching the movie. I simply love movies about scientists – I just love learning.

Basically, Zak is a super low frequency which means super unlucky and Marie is a super high frequency which means super lucky. Whenever they meet or stand close to each other a negative reaction happen so Marie with her super genius and curious thinking began an experiment with him because Marie wanted to feel Love (Emotion). While Zak who wanted to increase his frequency so he could be with Marie, started exploring and studying frequencies with the help of his friend Theo (Theodore-Adorno Strauss).

I don’t really want to spoil much of this movie but I hope the idea would encourage you to watch. The reason why I love the movie so much are the trivial things about the scientists if you watch closely. I also like the plot twist (Oops.. but yeah there’s a plot twist for a boring movie like this one). Mostly, I like its uniqueness. This is actually the only boring movie I liked, i think?

People I Truly Admire: Nuseir Yassin (Episode 2)

Welcome back to PITA !

AUSTRALIA — Today, I would like to share one of my favourite content creators – Nuseir Yassin. He is currently traveling and he shares a one minute video about his everyday journey in facebook. Also, He has a big number of followers in Facebook which is currently at 5.3 million.

Today, many people love to travel for pleasure and in some ways, in my opinion, it’s also a measure of success especially in the millennial generation. You are probably thinking that I admire Nas (his nickname) because of his daily travels; While that is a bonus point, I admire Nas because of the lessons he is teaching and sharing some discoveries in his everyday videos. I could probably say that he is living the life I wanted. He is traveling with his beautiful girlfriend and influences the world with common sense, opinions, positivity, and paradigm shifting experiences; He also meets extraordinary people and share their knowledge in Facebook.

I discovered him when he made a video that went viral about my home country (Philippines) which I would want to share ..

I am actually really glad that there’s content maker like Nas because I am tired of seeing and watching nonsense videos in youtube especially the trending ones full of entitled people. I also like his blunt and sensible comments regarding stereotypes, stigmas, political, and world problems. We are honestly align when it comes to politics, I haven’t seen anything I am against with all of his opinions. I could truly watch his daily uploads and give him views and RESPECT. This person is spreading light!

So I’ll share more about NAS and more reasons why you should watch his videos!