Listen to this Great Mix

Everybody deserves a moment to relax, like me. Exhaustion is good from time to time just to keep the body moving and to keep the blood in our body circulate but I love listening to chill and relaxing mixes. I just want to share this resource to everybody and it is good, I promise you.

The Tracks:

00:00 Idle Mind – Touch 03:20 KISNOU – Vesper 05:52 Sibewest – Winter Memories 10:03 Emiliano Secchi – Memory Fragments 13:25 Bloom – Efflorescence 17:16 The Last Fox – Penumbra 21:10 Emiliano Secchi – Alone 25:22 Iamjoffrey & Tim Schaufert – All of Me (feat. CASHFORGOLD) 28:52 Illusory Scapes – Nostalgic Memories 33:15 Grandyzer – Lifeblood 38:50 Airthrive & Menual – Iridescent 44:00 Insomnia – New Dawn 47:48 Killi J – Solitude 51:57 Youth Craving X Arken – For The One (ft. Calum Venice) 54:42 Jellis x Subsets – Still Mine


By Himself

Im waiting for you for so long
you say you don’t have any worth
but you are more than gold
you said you are alone
but I am here all along
it’s time for you to move on
just let my love pour
let me in your world
you are tired and worn
rest in my unseen love
our separation won’t stop love
you’re eyes are closed
time to open it now
you don’t get me down
just let me in your world