Movie: Frequencies 2013 (Review)

Rating this movie: 9/10

Recommending to: people who like trivial and odd movies like me.

  • Odd
  • Trivial
  • Unique
  • Boring (In a good way)

Frequencies is a science, romantic, fiction, and somewhat a fantasy film. This movie is about a world of people where they emit frequency and would identify there score or ranking on how lucky they are. Their luck (score) would also be a determinant of their future success. Higher ranking or score of luck would mean better luck but thus less feelings and Lower ranking would be the opposite and full of chaos.

This movie was starred by Daniel Fraser as Isaac-Newton “Zak” Midgeley and Eleanor Wyld as Marie-Curie Fortune. I know, there names came from famous scientists and inventors. Honestly, their names are the ones that attracted me to watching the movie. I simply love movies about scientists – I just love learning.

Basically, Zak is a super low frequency which means super unlucky and Marie is a super high frequency which means super lucky. Whenever they meet or stand close to each other a negative reaction happen so Marie with her super genius and curious thinking began an experiment with him because Marie wanted to feel Love (Emotion). While Zak who wanted to increase his frequency so he could be with Marie, started exploring and studying frequencies with the help of his friend Theo (Theodore-Adorno Strauss).

I don’t really want to spoil much of this movie but I hope the idea would encourage you to watch. The reason why I love the movie so much are the trivial things about the scientists if you watch closely. I also like the plot twist (Oops.. but yeah there’s a plot twist for a boring movie like this one). Mostly, I like its uniqueness. This is actually the only boring movie I liked, i think?


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